My name is Vireesh Basavaraj Halli. By profession I am in a sales and business development field.

I have started this blog to help people with the information on healthy diet.

Now a days we don’t even know what are we eating and drinking. Because of the marketing gimmicks companies are quite successful in selling the stuffs which they want to manufacture and not what is good for all of us.  Due to lack of time to check whether the available food is good for us or not, whether it’s a pure or contaminated we are happily consuming whatever is available in the market and even we are feeding it to our children with all the happiness.

Because of the contaminated food and unhealthy diet I have suffered for almost 5 years and now I don’t want others to go through the same suffering. So through this blog I am just trying to put some light on the right food and genuine resources of such foods to help people get the same.

The only reason you can trust me is I’ll be sharing the experiences of mine, my friends and family members. I am not going to publish any literature which are readily available.

Hoping to help at least a few in this crowd of sufferers..