The only way to control diabetes naturally

Have you got fed up with the daily medication of diabetes?

Would you want to know how to control diabetes without medicine?

Are you always worried about the increasing blood sugar level?

Then you cannot afford to miss to read this useful article which can help you solve many of your problems related to Diabetes.

What is the reason for diabetes?

Without going much deeper into technical aspects of the reasons of Diabetes let me break it in simple terms to make you understand the main root cause of diabetes, how it grows and then I’ll take you through how to control diabetes naturally.

Go through this small videos which will explain you how sugar level increases in body and what are the key reason is for it. 

In order to enhance the uptake of the insulin most of the doctors prescribe Metformin. The regular consumption of this tablet results in dis-functioning of the beta-cells and hence your dependency on the insulin starts from this stage itself. At one hand you are taking Metformin to increase uptake of the insulin and at the other hand you are making your pancreas to become incapable of releasing the insulin. This is exactly how you’ll start getting addicted to both tablet and insulin injection.

By doing all this you’ll get yourself into a situation wherein if you ask your doctor till what time should I take this tablet and injection then your doctor may say if you want you can leave your life partner but not the tablet and injection till you are alive.

Doctors, pharmaceutical companies and medical shops are doing a multi-billion dollar business just by selling these two useless remedies of so called disease.  Above all they are trying to induce this disorder of diabetes even to the normal people through advertises.

John Kenneth Galbraith writes in his international bestseller book The Affluent Society,

 “An advertisement is not to tell the consumer about the product, it is to entice the consumer to buy the product when it is not needed”. 

The latest advertisement I have seen near Bengaluru airport says “One in five of a Banglorian is a diabetic, are you the one?”. The punchline of this advertisement is more than enough to entice the reader and force to think as I should also get my checkup done for my sugar level.

Diabetes = Die In Bits

You know what?, Diabetes is not at all a disease, it’s just a metabolic disorder, But these multi billion dollar business  shareholders got successful in making everybody believe it as an everlasting disease.  Most of the people have already believed that once they get Diabetes then they are going to die in bits, which is not true. 

Trust me with the proper diet and stronger self-belief a person with diabetes can live 10 years longer than the person without diabetes. 

Am not stating that all the doctors are bad but majority of them are not going to tell you the root cause of your disease. There was a famous saying in Sanskrit called “Vaidyo Narayano Hari”, which means your doctor himself is god who can save your life. This quote refers to only few of the doctors in today’s world and Dr. B M Hegde (Awarded with Padma Bhushan). Dr. Khadar Vali is one more such doctor who is doing a remarkable efforts spreading the awareness about millets and organic foods.

How to control diabetes without medicine

Eat less to live more

Stop eating foods like Paddy rice, Wheat, Maida, Noodles, Dalda, cookies, and cakes. Replace all these with foods prepared by organic millets, green leafy vegetables, fruits having low sugar in them, low calorie foods (one person needs 1800 to 2000 calories per day).

Since Millets are rich in fiber content and possess a property of releasing the glucose in a controlled manner it takes lot of time to increase the sugar level in the body and helps our body to be energetic for a longer time. The stored energy will be utilized only when it is required and hence you won’t feel like eating again after some time unlike you feel when you eat a paddy rice. Click here to know more about the nutritional comparison between paddy rice and millets.

Gluten content present in wheat will reduce the pancreas’s efficiency to release the insulin at one hand and on the other hand it’ll add the excess sugar to blood within 15 minutes of eating it. So you should stop consuming foods prepared by wheat. Millets are best substitutes for this.

Understand more about why you should eat millets and their benefits on one’s health.

Leave the fear, be positive:

In one of his interviews Dr. B M Hegde has beautifully said “While there is no pill for your ill, there is an ill following every pill”. Latest audit says adverse drug reactions are the leading cause of the deaths in the world not the diseases.

Let’s not fear to this simple metabolic disorder. We can work on it and regain our health. 

Change your lifestyle

Maintain equal ratio of energy input to energy out put

Our body can take sugar without the aid of insulin only if you work out. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends the following physical activity for adults with type 2 diabetes for blood sugar benefits and overall health (i.e.,brisk walking, water aerobics, swimming, or jogging).

Apart from this even you can contact a good doctor who can help you with suggestions on what exercise you can do to increase your metabolism process when you are a diabetic.

With the regular work out you can control your central obesity which can play a vital role in controlling diabetes naturally without any medicines.

Kapalbhati and Pranayam are the two simple yet most effective processes which any one can do irrespective of their age and gender. Believe in it and start doing it, you’ll notice the difference within a week. Unless you have a belief nothing is going to work for you. This is called as placebo effect. The exclusive blog posted by dLife explains you how important it is to exercise to control diabetes naturally. I recommend to click on the link bellow to read and know more about it.

Source of organic products for you

Luckily during my visit to the SWAD exhibition arranged in Christ University on 15th and 16th of Dec-18 I found ORGANIC OPTIONS as one of the reliable sources to buy the organic foods and millets in Bengaluru.      Mr. Srinivas Patil the owner of Organic Option had started growing organic products for his own daughters initially and when he realized that every kid and adult is in need of quality food now a days he ventured this firm and started serving the people of Bengaluru. In their stall they had displayed their latest researched sugar which has been tested for diabetic patients exclusively which can be of useful to you or someone in your contact who is in need. Here with I am attaching the photos of the product and Organic Option for your reference.

Sugar for Diabetic patients
Organic Options

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Thank you very much for your valuable time spent in reading this article.

Wishing you a healthy and happy living…

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