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What’s there in this blog for you?

  1. Root causes for obesity.
  2. How you can maintain your weight without putting in much of your time and extra effort.
  3. How obesity affects women.
  4. Diet plan to get rid of obesity.

I know you wish to be in a great shape with no fat around your tummy, but I must say if you have fat in your body then either you are too busy or too lazy.

That’s why I thought to help you with some simple yet effective tips which can tone your body with bare minimum or no additional efforts.

You might have already tried with dieting, exercising, weight loss drink, consuming fat free foods, avoiding milk and dairy products, the list goes on…

In order to understand how to overcome obesity first we need to understand the root causes of it. 

Reasons of obesity

1. Wrong diet

The top most reason why people put on weight is because they follow wrong diet.

Obesity stems from consuming foods that is calorie dense. People become obese not by stuffing themselves with more food but by eating wrong food, by consuming more calories than their body needs.

I know you love them and you might also say that I eat such foods ones in a while so what’s a big deal?

Can you please let me know did you ever filled your petrol car with the diesel? Don’t you think it’ll work?.

Actually, it works. Please try it once. But for sure your vehicle is going to get damaged soon.

When you can’t take a risk of running your vehicle with the wrong fuel then how can you even think of feeding your stomach with the food which is not right for it?

Since your body is the most sophisticated gadget you ever had and it’s so nice to you because of which it is bearing with all the nonsense you are sending in. It surely can’t help you for a longer period.

2. Sedentary lifestyle

Physical activity has often been reduced to an absolute minimum. Gone are the days when entertainment meant taking a walk in the park with the loved ones, going for swimming or a long cycling trip with friends, going for trekking and gardening our own garden. Unfortunately, people don’t even put in efforts to cook their food as they are getting it off the shelf ready for them.

3. Lack of sleep

Sleep deprivation results in increased secretion of a hormone called Ghrelin whose function is to stimulate appetite. Lack of sleep results in slowing down the metabolism process in order to preserve your calorie reserves or fat.

Restlessness increases our stress level, stress and emotional brain networks foster eating behaviors that can lead to obesity.

4. Consumption of foods rich in fructose

Excessive fructose in our body results in increased level of cholesterol leading to fat accumulation around the organs.

5. By drinking water stored in the plastic containers

It increases the acidic level in our body which reacts with the food and affects our metabolism system. With the increase in acidic level in the body more and more food starts to decay and gets converted into fat.

Thanks to this man who demonstrated and shared this video on how drinking water stored in plastic containers will affect us.

How to reduce obesity

“If you want to lose the weight then you need to lose the waste”.

Let me help you with some of the little changes which you can bring in your routine and get the best results.

Few recommendations for weight loss
  1. Use more green leafy vegetables in your food. Avoid foods rich in carbohydrates like paddy rice, potato, noodles, pasta, burger, white bread etc.
  2. Don’t eat unless you feel hungry.
  1. Avoid smoking, drinking coffee or coffee, alcohol and taking bath soon after having your food.
  1. Drink warm water after 45 minutes of your meal.
  1. Have heavy breakfast, eat only 60% of your breakfast for your lunch and 60% of your lunch in your dinner.
  1. Stop eating after 7pm as our body doesn’t demand food at that time because of increased PH level in our body.
  1. Store your water in a copper container.
  1. Prefer to have fruits or juices at night rather than having solid foods.
  1. Sleep at least after 2 hours after having your meal. Sleep minimum of 7-8 hours a day.
  1. Start using millets in your diet which will help you keep energetic for a longer time and don’t stimulate your appetite. When you don’t feel like eating you actually don’t feed yourself when you don’t need it.

Note: as there are totally 9 different types of millets are available you need to use them alternatively. For example, if you are using Foxtail millet for two days then you should use any other millet for another two days. No millets should be consumed continuously. 

To understand in detail about how they can help us and which are those different types of millets available please click here

  1. Fast at least for one day in a week. It helps you cleanse your body and improves your metabolism process.
  1. Increase your physical activity in day today life. If you are too busy to spend time on exercise. Use stairs rather than lifts. Take a walk at least for 20 minutes every day.

Obesity in women

Let’s understand how obesity affects women more than men.

It is often noticed that women are more concerned about their weight than men. Even though they take more care about their diet and routine they tend to put on weight very easily than men. 

The biggest factor which contributes for women to put on weight is their WORRY.

As you worry more it increases your stress which affects your emotional behavior which foster eating habits resulting in obesity. 

Some of the common effects of obesity in women are:

Hair fall, pale skin, low energy level, less mental clarity, emotional disturbance, high blood pressure, diabetes, PCOD and many more.

Due to modern lifestyle many cases of PCOD are been registered every day.  

PCOD in women is observed more in those who has excess fat in their body as this excess fat will damage the liver cells and deactivates the glucose receptacles which can lead them to diabetes.

Click here and understand how sugar level increases in the body which causes diabetes and how to control it naturally.

PCOD, or Polycystic ovary disease is a kind of hormonal disorder that affects one in 10 women. It refers to a condition when a woman has a number of small cysts in the ovaries. Besides unpredictable hormonal behavior, this condition can trigger diabetes, infertility, acne, delayed menstrual cycle and many other uneasiness.

If you wish to understand more about PCOD and how to get rid of it then go through bellow link.–HU&list=PLdHUIm668EHUgimiHCEz1sXwIxM-jPv6m

So, it becomes very important for a woman to maintain their weight all the time.

Focus on to burning your fat and not on to loosing your weight. Mussel percent should be higher than fat percent in the body. Always remember one fact that you never put on weight by eating more but you put on weight by eating wrong.

My routine to maintain my weight

I have maintained my weight constant (with a variation of 2-3 kgs) for almost 10 years now. Here is the secret.

1 glass of warm water in the morning with a tea spoon of honey and lime.

1 Banana with 4-5 almonds soaked in water.

30 minutes yoga and 20 minutes meditation.

Heavy breakfast, 60% of breakfast for lunch, 60% of lunch for dinner.

I sleep at 9pm and get up at 4am.

Benefits of losing weight

  1. Clearer skin
  2. Reduction in hair fall issue
  3. Greater energy
  4. Much more mental clarity
  5. Improved relationships
  6. Better work efficiency &
  7. Happy life.

Since the suggestions given by me doesn’t involve any medicines or any extra expenses there is nothing harm in trying it for three weeks at least to see the results.  

Please leave your comment/suggestion in the comment box bellow.

Let me know if you want me to write on any specific issue so that I can write my next blog on that.

Thank you very much for your valuable time spent in reading this article.

Wishing you a healthy and happy living…

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